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The making of a MOOC (1)

Yes indeed … it may come as a surprise, but in the comming year I’m going to develop a MOOC, an massive open online course. If everything goes as planned, you will be able to take this MOOC on the KU Leuven online course platform KULeuvenX in the fall semester 2016. It was first intended to develop a SPOC, a small private online course, in Dutch, convinced that small is beautiful. But finally, I was persuaded to be more ambitious and go for a MOOC, in English.

This choice makes quite a difference. All of a sudden, the whole world will become your potential public. All of a sudden, you will be competing with your colleagues all over the world, that will be providing MOOCs on similar subjects. All of this means that finding the unique selling proposition for your MOOC becomes a prerequisite for possible success.

And that’s what I’m currently trying to figure out, that unique selling proposition. In this quest I already had some interesting exchanges of thoughts with colleagues from unexpected disciplines. And what is refreshing, I didn’t even know them until recently. Until we met in person, we were merely tweeps. But interactions on twitter on the subject revealed that their ideas aligned with mine. Serendepity in full action! Once more, I discovered the richness of a comprehensive university like ours, where you don’t feel  imprisoned in the little world of Science and Technology.

What will eventually become that unique selling proposition of our MOOC, I don’t know yet … but when I figure it out, together with my colleagues, I’ll definitively let you know.


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