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Admidst the volcanic fields on Hawaii

Manuel Sintubin, PhD FGS, is Professor of Geodynamics at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the KU Leuven (Belgium).
His main research activities focus on the interaction between fluids and deformation in the brittle-plastic transitional context at the base of seismogenic crust, with special attention to low-permeability environments in fine-grained siliciclastic rocks. The field-based research of his research group concentrates on the Palaeozoic belts in Europe and North Africa.
A second research interest focusses on different aspects of the interaction between man and earthquakes. Expertise has been developed in the field of earthquake geology, in particular in the Eastern Mediterranean, pursuing the integration of earthquake archaeological evidence in macroseismological studies. More recently, special interest includes seismic hazard and risk communication in the context of induced seismicity.





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