The primary interest in the geodynamics research field concerns the geodynamic processes in low-grade metamorphic, low-permeability, mid-crustal environments (i.e. slate belts). Expertise has been built on characterizing, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the deformation in claystones, shales and slates, and on using quartz veins as a proxy for the transient structural permeability in different low-permeability, mid-crustal tectonic contexts, potentially associated with ore genesis and seismogenesis. In recent years particular focus has been put on the (sub)microscopic study of intracrystalline deformation structures in quartz in an attempt to link these intracrystalline deformation structures with local stress and strain conditions. The main study areas are situated in the Paleozoic belts in Europe (e.g. Ardenne-Eifel, Brittany, Iberia).

A second research interest focusses on different aspects of the interaction between man and earthquakes. Expertise has been developed in the field of earthquake archaeology, in particular in the Eastern Mediterranean, pursuing the integration of earthquake archaeological evidence in macroseismological studies. More recently, special interest includes seismic hazard and risk communication in the context of induced seismicity.

On this page you find the ongoing projects in the Geodynamics research group.

Recent publications

On this page you find the latest publications of our group.

A complete list of all published material can be found on this page, operated by Lirias, the digital document repository of the KU Leuven.


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